Ruan Shiwei member of the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of Fujian Province

"A new era of building a happy family"

Interview time: 3 months 2018 years 13 days
Distinguished guest: Shi Wei Ruan
Place: Beijing
Abstract: In March 13th, the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of the CPPCC Fujian province Ruan Shiwei guest, to "create new era of happy family" as the theme and friends exchange.

Selection of dialogue


What brought the proposals and suggestions to Beijing?


As a CPPCC members, feel very bold, feel the glorious mission. We want to win the all-round well-off society, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the construction of opening of socialist modernization, we assume the CPPCC glorious historical mission. This brought several proposals, one is Xinxiang Xian cultural construction, promote the strategy of revitalizing the country. Another is about the deepening of educational system reform, the establishment of a nation of innovation suggestions. The third is how families from 0 to 3 years old children's education, also is the problem of the development of early childhood education.


You have been paid great attention to the word "home" in the investigation, your family tradition tutor in the process of thinking about what a family tradition tutor?


During the new period of our society has undergone major changes, the family has also undergone tremendous changes. The family continued to narrow, about an average of 4.6 people per household in 70s 2000, the average population is about 3.44, to 2013, according to statistics has dropped to 2.98, family size is shrinking. The family structure tends to the core, most of the two parents of a child; family type diversification, single parent families, joint families, families such flow type is diversification; family complex problems.
We set a comprehensive well-off society, focus is on the whole family out of poverty. The nineteen report noted "child education, education, employment, housing, medical services, has helped seven weak", "all" is the foothold in the family, there is a sense of security. Home is the smallest country, China is 10 million, is one of the country, there is only home country.
To do a good job in the construction of a family, is to build a healthy family. The second is to build a harmonious family, harmonious family. The third is the construction and family.
Family health is first to grab from the child, is a good policy, to avoid infectious diseases, genetic diseases, improve the three level prevention of birth defects; the second is to do prenatal screening, screening third to neonatal diseases.


The government and the social and family relationship is also very important, can make the social development to the positive energy.


"The tradition of regular agency wind is clear in the wind, wind, human health, family health and virtue are closely linked, everyone in the family education, family good folk itself, the whole society, the morals of the country with positive energy will be established. To achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, to achieve modernization, we cannot do without the construction of a healthy family, we cannot do without creating a good atmosphere.


There is such a set of data, in 2017 60 people over the age of 240 million in China, facing a serious social issue.


Now is the aging society, it follows that the aging society, then is the super aging society. We are currently 60 years old was 241 million, accounting for 17.3%, by 2020, we will be to 250 million, to 2025 more than 300 million over the age of 60, there will be great pressure of supporting, to strategic to consider this problem.
One is the "support", such as eating and drinking to live through, the health of the elderly is not to spend much money, this is relatively easy. "Raise" and health care problems, we want to use the medicine, exercise, such as Tai Chi, eight Jin of these activities.
The second is the "medicine", now we have to design a good medical, to go the road of combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and then optimize the clinical diagnosis and treatment, to achieve the good clinical curative effect, little side effect, iatrogenic trauma, fast recovery time and high quality of life, low medical cost for this purpose.
And "health", how to do ill? Is the recovery, although have chronic disease, but can not without dementia. From the beginning to consider medical recovery, reduce the occurrence of the disabled. If not recovered, a disability, dementia or semi disabled, to keep up with care, social insurance should be established.