Feng Yuzhen, the National People's Congress, the mayor of Hohhot, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

"The capital of the autonomous region to promote the transformation and upgrading of high quality economic development"

Interview time: 3 months 2018 years 13 days
Distinguished guest: Fengyuzhen
Place: Beijing
Abstract: In March 13th, the National People's Congress, the mayor of Hohhot, Feng Yuzhen accepted an interview with

Selection of dialogue


Hohhot as the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, in recent years around the restructuring and development are doing what?


In March 5th, the general secretary to participate in the discussion of the Inner Mongolia delegation, made an important speech, proposed the "three solid", one of which is to promote the economic development of high quality. As the capital of Hohhot autonomous region, in the process of promoting the realization of high quality development, has obvious advantages, bear an important responsibility. Hohhot geographical advantages, science and education resources and talent concentrated, solid industrial base, plays an important leading role in the region's economic and social development, in promoting the realization of high quality development has achieved positive results.
In the aspect of cultivating new industries, to grasp the cultivation of key industries combined with the actual Hohhot, Hohhot to build a "Chinese photovoltaic materials", "China Valley" China number Valley ", as well as China's important western" new energy automobile production base". In the cultivation of new energy, in recent years, has formulated the regulations on the promotion of scientific and technological progress, the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, accelerate the development of high-tech enterprises and technology growth enterprises and a series of policies, the contribution rate of economic growth reached 52%, are at the leading level. The next step will improve the technology innovation policy system, perfecting the talent policy, build more scientific and technological innovation platform.


These years the development of large data industry in Hohhot is very fast, we have the advantage in this respect, whichresulthasobtained?


The development of large data industry advantage from two aspects, from the data storage point of view, Hohhot is richly endowed by nature advantage. First, the climatic conditions, the annual average temperature of 6.8 degrees, 6 months of the year, the data memory can rely on the natural heat, save energy. Second, Hohhot has adequate power supply, the price is very cheap, the price of 0.26 yuan is relatively low in the country, and the data stored on the consumption is very large. Third, geological structure and stability, is suitable for data storage base. Based on these advantages, we successfully attracted three operators settled and established the data center, the server installed capacity has reached 700 thousand units, ranking first in the country. From the use of data, the Hohhot science and technology talents, scientific research institutions are relatively concentrated, with the development of big data technology support personnel. In addition, Hohhot is an important strategic location, call center city package silver elm Economic Zone, an important node in the city of North and Northeast China connected to the northwest, "an important bridgehead The Belt and Road" construction and the mainland of China to Mongolia, Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe, which is convenient for the internal data and information transmission, but also conducive to the Mongolia, the global radiation data to carry out large international service. At the same time, close to Beijing, by the end of next year, after the opening of the high-speed rail to Beijing, the only time more than two hours, many of Beijing's human resources, science and technology achievements, we can use. Next, we will put the big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence industry as a priority among priorities, to build up the strength to lift.


Hohhot is China milk, the next step will be how to play the role of large dairy enterprises in stimulating agricultural development?


Hohhot dairy industry in a very important position in the country. Over the years, in the process of industrial development, accelerate the growth of the enterprises, the interests of enterprises and farmers association, to synchronize the herdsman's income. Next, we will promote the "Rural Revitalization Strategy" is always the starting point, continue to play the leading role of leading enterprises, in areas of finance, technology, industry, and other risks continue to explore the deepening of enterprise and farmer benefit mechanism, solve the problem of farmers to carry out outstanding production process to achieve faster development of agriculture and rural areas. Rich farmers' income. To encourage and support enterprises in the process of its development, but also to encourage enterprises to service society, good service people, driven by people in the process of agricultural industrialization to achieve rich income.