Leaderette years old, Harukaaki Masataka. 40 years of reform and opening up, the Party led the people climbing over the ridge, overcome difficulties, to the innovation of courage, pioneers of spirit, vigorous vitality, compose a startled world indescribably tragic, magnificent paean, painted a picture of the surge high and sweep forward reform. Forty years, reform in the way. In the 40 anniversary of reform and opening up, 138479.xyz planning to launch a series of reports on "40 years of reform, the reporter mark" with video, pictures, text, by 138479.xyz, 138479.xyz, mobile phone micro-blog, WeChat, 138479.xyz Corporation's video APP multiple ports, to tell you the national industries "reform mark", transfer majestic power of reform and opening up in the memories of time, feel the great changes of the times change rapidly.

Tianjin: Tianjin tourism zone and the Haihe River, an overview of the reform of history

Shanghai Pudong: first try to open the vanguard of the new outlook

28 years ago, comrade Deng Xiaoping said: "pay close attention to the development of Pudong, not to be shaken until completion." So, in a piece of barren land, an almost simple listing ceremony after the reform and opening up a China historic event originated in the.

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