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Animal husbandry and fishery

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Foreign media focus of sunshine
Window of leadership
Rizhao Municipal Party committee secretary Qi Jiabin

Born in September 1967, Shandong jinan. Since April 2018, the CPC Municipal Committee and municipal Party school sunshine.

Rizhao City mayor Li Yonghong

Born in March 1970, Shandong Linyi people, in July 1991, the current Deputy Secretary of municipal Party committee of Rizhao Municipal government, party secretary, mayor.

City card

The charm of sunshine

470 class sailing

Rizhao Wulian Mountain Scenic Area

The busy port of Rizhao

Tea picking season

4000 sunshine ginkgo tree

Rizhao City

City Green Road

The blue sky of Jinshatan

A botanical garden

Mass cultural activities

Coal berth

Ore terminal

Rowing moment

The coastal city
Beauty recommendation More "
A. The former residence of Ding Zhaozhong
A. Sunshine bamboo Cave Scenic Area
A. Sunshine wanpingkou Scenic Area
A. Sunshine beach national Forest Park
A. Liujiawan sea park
A. Rizhao world sailing Championships base
A. Rizhao Wulian Mountain Scenic Area (AAAA)
A. Sunshine floating Mountain Scenic Area (AAA)
A. The nine mountain scenic area
Fine lines More "
A. Fishing culture experience tour
A. Tea culture experience tour
A. The ancient village visits trip
A. Rural picking Tour
A. Fitness trip
A. The parent-child study tour
A. Red memory trip
A. Sun Culture Tour
A. C202 slow travel time travel
Local characteristics More "
A. Sunshine pottery culture
A. "Sunshine" and Chinese characters lithoglyphs
A. The bamboo culture ecological tourism
A. Tea culture tourism
A. Water sports are sightseeing tourism
A. The Chu Culture Tourism
A. Wulian mountain ecological religious tourism
A. The fishing music style experience tourism
A. Seaside leisure tourism zone
Travel Service More "
A. Wulian hotel reservation
A. Brief introduction of Linghai Hotel
A. Rizhao City travel agency mail list
A. Bibo Hotel Introduction
A. Artwell Kokusai Hotel.
A. Sunshine Hostel Haus am Turm Hotel
A. Tourism traffic
A. Floating Villa Hotel
A. Introduces the basic situation of the Sea View Hotel
Dynamic Department More "
A. Li Yonghong: efforts to build first-class brand hospital
A. Li Yonghong: put the safety catch to ensure agency in the hands of time...
A. The 2018 summit and the sunshine sunshine cardiovascular heart disease medicine...
A. A collection of attend the executive meeting of the municipal government on behalf of the people...
A. The Civil Aviation Administration of Chinese research group to research the sunshine
A. Rizhao City continues to reduce the rate of unemployment insurance
A. Rizhao City Housing Authority four clear to promote the "four winds remediation depth
Dynamic district More "
A. Juxian Audit Bureau played a key project tracking audit "combined"
A. Wulian information technology innovation and help health poverty alleviation
A. Li Yonghong: put the safety catch to ensure agency in the hands of time...
A. The fusion amplification village pattern
A. In the town of real trick really. To promote the "big three" effect
A. Wulian Bureau of science and technology in the "big three" power energy conversion
A. Wulian County Political Consultative Conference held to celebrate the reform and opening up 40th anniversary painting and calligraphy exhibition
Port information More "
A. Rizhao City was listed as the national logistics hub bearing City
A. Rizhao Port Operation "- Moscow International Container direct sunshine"...
A. Sunshine - Japan container trade routes voyage
A. From 1 to July, Rizhao Port foreign trade cargo throughput of about 1.5...
A. Rizhao Port Group to achieve a good start in the first quarter
A. Sunshine: the ocean to do this great article
Dynamic investment More "
A. Sunshine and Yankuang Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement
A. Sunshine unveiled the seventh session of Shandong Cultural Industry Fair
A. The 2018 summit and the sunshine sunshine cardiovascular heart disease medicine...
A. The Great Wall automobile sunshine base will start construction in 2019
A. The government of Rizhao City signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the China heavy truck
A. Sunshine: a quarter of the economy to achieve a good start
A. Let the world find Sunshine beauty
Investment project More "
A. Aviation Industrial Park
A. The iron and Steel Industrial Park
A. Chemical Industry Park
A. The high-end equipment manufacturing Industrial Park
A. Fine Chemical Industrial Park
A. New energy and new material industrial park
A. Plastic Industrial Park
Key enterprises More "
A. Shandong Rizhao steel base project
A. Rizhao steel Holding Group Co., Ltd.
A. The modern Paiwotai automatic transmission (Shandong) Co., Ltd.
A. Shandong Hyundai WIA Engine Co. Ltd.
A. Mori Hiroshi Asia Pacific (Shandong) pulp and Paper Co.
A. Shandong Wuzheng group
A. Shandong dawn Group