In October, the three rural topics recovery rate was the highest in the busy season.

09 November 2018, 08:37

In October 2018, the top three party and government leaders in all provinces, municipalities and counties across the country replied to about 20500 netizens' messages through the local people's message board, and about 20800 netizens were posted. Affected by the National Day holiday, the cumulative amount of reply and the volume of messages in October decreased compared with September.

In October, netizens sent the most messages to the vice provincial and municipal leaders, nearly 8500. Judging from the amount of recovery, the deputy provincial and municipal leaders responded to the most netizens' appeals, nearly 8000.

Specific to the provinces, the number of messages is ranked first in Henan, about 3500, second and third in Sichuan and Anhui respectively, and two provinces have more than 2000 replies. Similarly, Henan, Sichuan and Anhui provinces are also in the top three places for netizens' messages.

Influenced by festivals, the volume of messages and recovery in most provinces declined compared with September. However, Hebei's recovery rate is at the top of the 2 growth rate compared with last month. Among them, the recovery amount of Handan is much higher than that of other prefecture level cities in Hebei. In addition, the two provinces in Yunnan and Tianjin did not decline in the amount of reply to netizens' messages, and the growth rate exceeded 1 times. In October, in the nearly 600 messages issued by netizens to three leading cadres in cities and counties of Yunnan Province, the message related to tourism topics received the most reply. In the past two months, Yunnan's reply to netizens' messages on that month was mostly urban construction topics.

Chengdu, Xi'an and Taiyuan rank the top three in the list of cities in the provincial and prefectural cities. Compared with last month, Shenzhen and Qujing are the new cities entering the TOP20 list of heat.

In addition, some cities have positive performance in message processing, especially in comparison with last month. Specific to the volume of the message, compared with September, the top three growth rates are Qujing, Hohhot and Nantong. To the specific amount, the top three growth rates in September are Qujing, Pingdingshan and Tongliao.

In the district heat ranking, Pengzhou, Chengdu, Sichuan is the top three in Changan District, Xi'an and Changan District. Compared with last month, Shangcai County, Zhumadian City, Henan province is the new county that has entered the TOP20 list.

Specific to the volume of the message, the top three places in the list are Sichuan, Chengdu, Pengzhou, Shaanxi, Xi'an, Changan District, Xiping, Zhumadian, Xiping County, Henan. To the specific amount of return, the top three ranked in the next tier are Yunnan County, Yunnan City, Shuangshi District, and Xi'an.

From the classification of netizens' messages, there are more problems in urban construction, and the volume of messages is about 12 thousand, accounting for about 57% of the total number of messages left in the month. Compared with September, the message volume of government, enterprise and public security related topics has increased. In terms of topic response, the rate of return to the three rural issues is the highest, and the reply rate of educational and environmental related messages is also relatively high.

Autumn harvest, autumn planting, busy farming season, rural road is a stem.

October is the harvest time and the time of planting. During the autumn harvest and autumn planting, rural infrastructure construction, agricultural materials supply, grain stacking, straw burning, and unsalable crops are easy to be concerned about, and related messages are also increasing.

Some villages are remote, not accessible to roads, causing inconvenience to the villagers' daily travel and life. This kind of inconvenience is more prominent in autumn harvest and autumn planting season. In this regard, some netizens sent messages to express their personal feelings, and urged the construction of rural roads. A netizen in Yunnan said that there was no road between the mountain area and the village. In the autumn harvest season, the villagers could only afford three trips to the valley by manpower. This is not conducive to increasing the enthusiasm of the villagers to participate in agricultural production.

Although there are roads in some parts of the country, but they are out of repair and poor quality, resulting in many inconvenience, the road has become a stalks in the hearts of the villagers. A netizen in Sichuan said that the use of the earth roads built in 90s has been unable to access the roads, and there have been some safety risks in some sections. A Hebei netizen claims that the village roads are narrow and large agricultural machinery can not pass, hoping to widen the roads.

In addition to the influence of autumn harvest and autumn planting, there is no way to pass, but it also affects the circulation and sale of crops. A Hunan netizen said that most people in the area live on fruits and vegetables, but traffic is difficult. The fruits and vegetables that are exported to the outside market are often unsalable because of traffic jams and too long transportation lines.

Over the past few years, the news of unsalable crops is common. In addition to road problems, blind production, planting decentralization, market fluctuation and so on are also important factors affecting the sales status of crops. This month, some netizens posted messages from the local leaders' message board, reflecting the dilemma of increasing production and not increasing revenue, expressing the expectations of the local government in helping and supporting. An onion grower from Gansu said in a column message that the price of onion has been low in recent years, and this year's bad weather has led to a large reduction in production. The netizens worry that, as a local characteristic agricultural product, onion has not brought wealth to the villagers, instead, it has made some people miserable, hoping that the local government can help to open up the market.

Straw and sun food problems, netizens message good policy

In October, through the message board of local leaders, some netizens told them about the anxiety caused by rural roads in busy farming season, and some netizens expressed their worries about straw burning and crop litter.

According to many netizens, the local government forbids the burning of straw and prohibits the stacking of straw on the edge of the field, but it does not give the people a solution. A Hubei netizen message said that the straw burning ban was like a huge stone in the hearts of farmers. It hoped that the government could introduce straw stalking mills to introduce straw stalking mills, introduce technology that could turn straw into fertilizer, or combine enterprises to recover straw and other measures to deal with straws.

In addition, in some villages, because there is no uniform stacking point, straw is stacked everywhere, making the village dirty and messy. Moreover, grain drying and occupying Village Road and township road also bring inconvenience to traffic. A netizen message said that many villagers were drying sun and grass on the main road, which not only affected the traffic of pedestrians and vehicles, but also affected the appearance of village and village.

There are many disadvantages in grain drying. In recent years, the country has been rectifying the problem of grain drying in rural areas. In some areas, special regulations have been issued to strictly prohibit illegal traffic activities such as threshing, drying, storing, and rolling straw on rural roads. However, the phenomenon of grain drying is still occurring. How to solve the problem of grain drying, we need to combine dredging and blocking. On the one hand, efforts should be made to increase the intensity of regulation; on the other hand, we must solve the problem of grain drying from the interests of farmers.

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(Editor: Sun Mei, Han Yue)

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