The 10 month recovery rate topped the agricultural season topic of rural netizens for good

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In October 2018, the country cities and counties three party leaders by "local leadership message board reply" about 20500 netizens, around the Internet message about 20800. The National Day holiday, October cumulative amount and the amount of message reply has declined compared with September.

10, deputy provincial, municipal leaders to the netizen message most close to 8500. From the back view, deputy provincial, municipal leaders respond to the demands of Internet users the most close to 8000.

Specific to the provinces, the message volume ranked first in Henan, about 3500; ranked second, third are Sichuan, Anhui, two provinces of the recovery in 2000 above. Similarly, Henan, Sichuan, Anhui reply to three Internet message is located in the top three.

By the holiday, compared with September, the amount of message, most provinces reply quantity decreased. However, Hebei's recovery trend, compared with the previous month to 2 times the growth rate topped. The recovery quantity of Handan city is far higher than other cities in Hebei. In addition, Yunnan, Tianjin two provinces reply quantity of Internet message is not risen, a growth rate of more than 1 times. In October, nearly 600 netizens message to cities and counties in Yunnan Province three level leading cadres in the travel related topics are the best reply message, and in the past two months, the Yunnan local netizens reply to the topic of urban construction.

In the provincial, prefecture level city heat rankings, Chengdu City, Xi'an City, Taiyuan City, ranked in the top 3. Compared with the previous month, Shenzhen City, Qujing city is a new city into the heat of the TOP20 charts.

In addition, there are some of the city's message for the positive work performance, especially compared with the previous month has greatly improved. Specific to the message content, compared with September growth rate of the top three are Qujing City, Hohhot City, Nantong city; specific to the recovery, compared with September growth rate of the top three are Qujing City, Pingdingshan City, Tongliao city.

The heat in the county rankings, Pengzhou City, Chengdu City, Sichuan province and Shaanxi city of Xi'an province Shuangliu District, Changan District top three. Compared with the previous month, Shangcai County, Zhumadian City, Henan Province, is to enter the TOP20 list of the new district.

Specific to the message, the growth amount of the top three in Sichuan Province, Chengdu City, Pengzhou City, Shaanxi province Xi'an Changan District City, Henan province Zhumadian city Xiping County; specific to reply quantity, the chain increment ranked the top three in Sichuan Province, Chengdu Shuangliu district and Jinniu District Zhenxiong County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan province.

From the point of view of users a message classification, many urban problems, the message is about 12 thousand, accounting for about 57% of total monthly. Compared with September, the amount of government, enterprise and public security message related topics have increased. In reply on the topic, the topic rural recovery rate is highest, education, environmental protection related messagereply rate is relatively high.

The busy season of autumn harvest species rural road is a stem

October is the harvest season, is the harvest season. In the autumn harvest busy, rural infrastructure construction, agricultural supplies, food piled up, straw burning, crop unmarketable problem is particularly vulnerable to concerns related to the message also increased.

Part of the village is located in remote, inaccessible road to travel and daily life of villagers inconvenience. In the autumn harvest autumn planting season, this inconvenience is more prominent. In this regard, some netizens said the personal feeling, urge the construction of rural road. A Yunnan netizen said, between the mountains and the village road, in the autumn harvest season, the villagers can only rely on the day of human back three times of corn, which is not conducive to enhance the enthusiasm of the villagers to participate in agricultural production, want the government to repair roads, led the villagers to well-off society.

Although some area roads, but disrepair, poor quality, the inconvenience caused by this, let the roads become a stalk of villagers heart. A Sichuan netizen said, dirt road built in 90s so far, vehicles can not pass, some sections have hidden safety problems, the autumn harvest species villagers rely on shoulder back. A Hebei netizen said, the village roads are narrow, large agricultural machinery impassable, hoping to widen the road.

There is a road barrier, through the poor, in addition to the effects of harvest in autumn, also affect crop distribution. A Hunan netizen said, most local people to grow Vegetable & Fruit for a living, but the traffic inconvenience, sold abroad Vegetable & Fruit often because of the traffic jam and the transportation line is too long and slow-moving.

In recent years, crop unmarketable news It is often seen. In addition to the road, blind production, planting dispersion, market fluctuations and so on, is also an important factor affecting crop sales status. This month, some netizens by "local leadership message board" message, reflects the increasing output without increasing the dilemma, expression of the local government to participate in helping expectations. One from Gansu onion growers through the column message said, onion prices have been low in recent years, and this year it encountered bad weather causing a large area of production. The users concern, as the local characteristics of agricultural products, no onions to the villagers to bring wealth, but let some people miserable, I hope the local government can help open up the market.

Straw and grain drying into the problem of Internet message for good

In October, the "local leadership message board", some netizens told them in the busy season for rural roads bring anxiety, some netizens expressed their crop straw burning, cluttered phenomenon of trouble.

According to the number of Internet users reflect the local message, straw burning is prohibited, prohibited stacking straw at the edge of the field, but did not give the people a solution. A Hubei netizen message said, straw burning ban like a boulder on the farmers' heart, hope that the government land planning by farmers straw storage, or the introduction of straw crusher introduction can make straw into fertilizer or straw recycling technology, combined with the enterprise and so on many kinds of measures, straw processing problem.

In addition, in some villages, because there is no uniform stacking, straw piled up, the country became dirty. Moreover, grain drying occupied Village Road, Township Road, also to traffic inconvenience. Some netizens said that many villagers in the main street in the corn drying grass, not only affects the pedestrian and vehicle traffic, also affect the appearance.

For road drying grain defects. In recent years, the country has accounted for road problems in the consolidation of rural grain drying. Some areas have also issued a special regulations, is strictly prohibited to engage in a rural road in drying grain, dry goods, sundries, straw and other non rolling traffic behavior. However, for Road grain drying phenomena still occur. How to solve the problem of grain drying for road, combining guidance needed. On the one hand, to increase the intensity of rectification; on the other hand, starting from the interests of farmers, to solve the problem of grain drying.

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(commissioning editor Sun Mei and Han Yue)

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