Liaoning: a real trick to optimize the business environment set up business environment Construction Supervision Bureau

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In November 2018 09, 07:57 source: - People's daily
Original title: Liaoning real and optimize the business environment (in the new era of socialist ideology and Chinese characteristics of Xi Jinping under the guidance of the new era of the new - as a new chapter)

A call back to Tzu Chunlan 5 years overdue projects. "Now the principal to pay off the day before yesterday, we just signed interest repayment agreement." In November 1st, Chunlan Chee told reporters.

2013 games on the eve of CI lighting company general manager of Chunlan signed a contract with the Liaoning city of Shenyang province Huanggu City Construction Bureau, responsible for the national lighting project, advance 665 million yuan for projects. Who knows after the completion of the project, the urban construction bureau did not pay.

"A year of the project is 10 million yuan, so much money owed not to, not to force us to close." 5 years ago, Chunlan CI almost every month to push back a.

"Then think it, I will withdraw from Liaoning." Ci Chunlan said.

In April this year, Tzu Chi Chunlan read the news that Liaoning is carrying out the liquidation of the special action projects. "Flog a dead horse." She dialed the announced business environment in the province construction supervision bureau telephone complaints. After 1 hours, the staff took the initiative to contact her. After 1 weeks, Huanggu district government to formulate a repayment plan.

From January this year, Liaoning strict regulation of government actions, the government arrears, not timely for the "old" comprehensive diagnostic investigation, and formulate corrective plan according to a policy. In order to avoid the "new account", the government requires all of the introduction of new projects more than 30% checks. As of now, the province's total outstanding government debt 11 billion 150 million yuan, spot checks of 2298 projects, 142 projects of non-compliance found continued tracking supervision.

In fact, this is only in Liaoning in recent years, a heavy, strong medicine, one of a series of initiatives determined to improve the business environment. In December 2016, the Liaoning provincial local regulations promulgated the northeast first standardize the business environment for the construction of "Liaoning Province Regulations" to optimize the business environment, complete the top-level design.

In March 2017, it does not increase a series, not a person, the original business service functions, Liaoning province established the country's first provincial business environment construction supervision bureau. Accept complaints, unannounced visits to the investigation, public exposure, accountability, to become the four largest weapon of this bureau "". Since this year, has exposed 39 negative cases, 178 persons responsible for accountability processing.

Liaoning province this year also explicitly proposed to build the environment for the development of optimal target province. On the optimal focusing "pain points", carry out the rectification of "four wind" and "hard work" special rectification; capture card points, the construction of the business environment "a set of standards, a process, a window, a net, a number of projects" and "five project" dredge; blocking point, establish a sound long-term mechanism of notification, interviews, supervision; target "key point", the establishment of business environment evaluation system.

Liaoning has also implemented a series of profit enterprises such as convenience initiatives, publication of the unified administrative approval intermediary services list, cancel the adjustment of the 253 enterprises involved in the masses of entrepreneurship that implementation of the weekend break the window......

The business environment gradually improved, Liaoning's investment attraction has been enhanced: the first three quarters of this year, the province's fixed assets investment year-on-year growth of 4.8%, the actual use of foreign investment grew 10.9%; 10 months before the province's new types of market players registered nearly 540 thousand, an increase of 4.9%.

"Do you believe, I want to go back to the Business Council to help such a large sum of money, but even the Business Bureau cadres has not seen." Ci Chunlan said, this thing let her see the real Liaoning to improve the business environment determination, "I decided to stay, but also their own experiences, to mobilize entrepreneurs I know to invest here."

(commissioning editor Xiao Xin and Tang Jiayi)

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